Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Northern Tanzania Photos

Large male baboon - very intimidating.

Ngorongoro Crater - largest in the world and full of animals!

Nursing hyena.
A very muddy Cape Buffalo.

Thompson's Gazelle.

We waited quite awhile for this little one to stand up.

Lazy lions, no doubt full of Cape Buffalo.

We saw only a couple Elephants in the crater.
Hyenas picking the ones clean.

Flamingos, of course.

A jackal and an eagle picking at scraps.
Vultures doing the dirty work.

Zane and his Masai friends.
Lots of animated Zebras in the crater.

It was rare to see a Giraffe not standing.

Big mouth.
The mobile phone network in Tanzania is called Zain, so everybody Zane introduced himself to easily knew his name.


  1. What's all the greenish slime in the water buffalo and on the vulture's head?

  2. Hi Stephanie - very observant. The green slime is what is what was in the buffalo's stomach at the time of its demise. Very smelly, and not in a good way!