Wednesday, January 20, 2010


From the shivering mesas of Utah we proceeded to California for some classic warm and sunny West Coast weather in Santa Barbara, Pasadena, and San Diego. We ran some errands and caught up with as many co-workers, friends and neighbors as we could. As usual there was not enough time to see everyone, so we apologize to those of you we did not see. We also visited our cats, who actually seemed to know who we were even though it has been four years since we left them in Uncle Lane's expert care. Highlights included Sunday afternoon at Cold Springs Tavern with Tom & Kenny (Glenn), Legoland (Zane), and Hanging out with friends (Tana). We also ate and drank too much (no surprise there). The ever-popular Cajun Kitchen wins with 4 visits in just under two weeks. The weather was true to form and it was great to wear shorts again. We knew it was time to go when the rains began to roll in. Our last full day involved driving from San Diego to Los Angeles, through some of the most intense rain we have experienced. We left Legoland when the park was closed due to rain, and even 30MPH on the highway seemed a bit fast for the conditions. We passed through the storm without incident and arrived in Los Angeles to clear skies. Many thanks to all of our hosts for your great hospitality!!! No photos from California, as I gave the camera some time off.

Next stop, Costa Rica!

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