Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your holidays were great and 2010 will be kind to you and your families!

For the holidays it was off to the homestead in Castle Valley (Caboose, Love Shack, and Barn) Utah where we celebrated a wintry Christmas with family and caught up with neighbors and friends. Oh yeah, do not forget the Turducken for Christmas Dinner! (and the Eggnog, and the Whiskey Sours, and the Margaritas, and - well, you get the picture)

We had never spent any real time here in the middle of winter before, and wintry it was. We "enjoyed" snow and very cold temps (lows of -20C/-14F, highs of -12C/ 10F). It was very beautiful with snow on the red rocks. The herd of Bighorn Sheep we saw along the Colorado River was a nice bons as well.

In spite of the temperatures (it's a dry cold), we took advantage of the calm and sunny days and managed to get in a few hikes and even some sledding. (Thanks to Mitch and Tory for that!) Otherwise we sat around eating and drinking too much.

We also squeezed in a brief jaunt to Glenwood Springs Colorado to meet friends and soaked in the outdoor hot pools as thick clouds of steam swirled around us. Also, we ate too much there as well (this is becoming a theme, no?)

Next stop, California - hoping for warmer weather!

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