Friday, February 26, 2010

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

We have just spent 4 days at Drake Bay on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, on the Osa peninsula and near Corcovado National Park.  This area is one of the least developed and least populated parts of Costa Rica.  We flew in a small plane to a smaller airstrip then drove in a "taxi" (Land Cruiser) over interesting "roads" to get there.  We did a lot of sweating and collected various sunburns and mosquito bites.  It was very beautiful, with the rainforest coming right down to the beach.  It was also amazingly hot and humid - I do not recall getting my shirt soaking wet so quickly by just standing around.  We walked through the forest, went kayaking and swimming in the local river, and took a trip to Cano Island to go snorkelling.  Along the way we saw many birds, lizards, butterflies and fish, as well as the local caiman (croc) who lives near the mouth of the river.  Somehow we missed the mammals - marine and terrestrial.  The snorkelling was nice, with more coral and fish than we had expected.  Even better the water was about 80 degrees F.  The weather, aside from hot, was generally good until the last day when it absolutely poured for several hours, with thunder and lightning to boot.  All in all a very nice little adventure with the exception of the man who came into our room at 4AM and made off with Zane's backpack.  Zane has handled it very well.  After returning to the city today we made a trip to the mall and have replaced most of the essentials.

Next stop - not sure!

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