Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photos From San Joaquin de Flores (and around) Costa Rica

Black Vulture, Sarapiqui river.  They were eating a dead cow floating in the water.

Sarapiqui River.

Leaf cutter ant, Puerto Viejo.

Lunch cooking, Puerto Viejo.

Sloth.  So close on the trail it startled me.

Sloth (just crossed the road), near Puerto Viejo.

Beach near Puerto Viejo, southern caribbean coast.

Church (Catholic, of course), Sarchi.

Finished Ox Cart, Sarchi.

Oxcart factory in Sarchi.  All machines run from a water wheel.

Our Tico familia: Wendy, Mariella, Anna (Mama) and Minor (Papa).

Arriving at Spanish language school, San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica.

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