Monday, May 10, 2010

Photos of Pisac, Peru

Crowd enjoying the entertainment at Cuy Fest.

This dish got our vote for best presentation.

Roasting Cuy over the fire at the Cuy Festinval.

A couple of women watching the bustle of the market.

Lunch?  This Guinea Pig came straight out of the bag.  The woman was happy with it and carried it away by the nape of the neck.

Loved this woman's smile.

You rarely see people here with any gray hair.  The confetti was given in celebration of Mother's Day.

The flower and veggie section.  Flower business was brisk, perhaps because it was Mother's Day
(dia de la Madre)

Market day, Pisac.  Color everywhere.

Overlooking the temples of Pisac.  Sacred Valley far below on left.

Inca terraces.  An insane amount of work.

Fine stonework in temple of Pisac Ruins.

Defensive ruin overlooking Sacred Valley.

Stair going (painfully) straight up.

Built in steps on Inca terrace wall.

On the trail up to Pisac ruins, terraces of Sacred Valley below.

Dyed in the wool.

3 Colors of natural dye from a caterpillar that lives on Prickly Pear cactus.

Tana getting tips on raising Alpacas.

This alpaca was about 3 weeks old.

Miguel, our assistant tour guide

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