Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photos Of Qorikancha, Cusco Peru

Solar calendar.  The shadows from the protusion I am pointing to line up with those below on the solstices.

Can stonework be more precise?  No mortar here!

The projections of the sun through the year on this wall mark the Inca calendar.  Note the white line through the alcoves, this was the extent of the solid silver coating on the lower walls.

Platform believed to be used for sacrifices, including human.

Temples said to be dedicated to thunder and rainbow

Entryway for Inca Ruers.  Fantastic masonry.

Spanish masonry on fine Inca stonework.

Church of Santo Domingo, built over Inca's "Temple of the Sun"

Church most recently rebuilt after 1950. Foundation of Inca walls sustained minor damage.

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