Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photos of Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica

Agami Herons at Pacuare Reserve. 
I got this photo from the Internet Bird Collection Website.

Track of a leatherback turtle.  We covered these up so it would be harder for the poachers to find the nests.  The turtles are sensitive to light, so sadly no turtle photos.

Access to the reserve is by boat along a series of canals.

Diggin like a turtle.

The "Turtle Stop" which we built at the midpoint on the beach, complete with custom sign by Zane.  It was a nice place to stop when the rain was coming down, but the mosquitos liked it too.

Doing a little sign making.

Lots of wildlife at the reserve.  Besides turtles we saw monkeys, lizards, frogs, snakes, birds, crocs, and caimans.

Sunset at Pacuare.  Lots of rain there so we only saw this once.

Beach at Pacuare Reserve.  6 Km of prime Leatherback Nesting.

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