Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

We had briefly visited the southern Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo early during our stay in Costa Rica and decided we wanted to go back, so we spent a few more days there in the middle of March.

Our visit started a bit interestingly when we went to the bus station in San Jose.  Although we had purchased our tickets the day before, the driver sent us back to the ticket window for a reason we could not understand.  It turns out that the main road to the East Coast was closed due to mudlsides, and we needed to take a longer route.  This meant paying extra as the bus was going further.  The ride was longer and the road more windy but we did get there.

On the Carib Coast it had been raining heavily for some days so the place was a bit soggy, but after a couple days the sun came out and life was nice.

We soaked up the local Carib culture, enjoyed playing with the tree frogs by the swimming pool, visited a local animal rescue center, and Glenn went for a walk in the woods with a local biologist.  Unfortunately for Zane the surf was not happening so there was no surfing.

The local animal rescue center was quite fun, as they had monkeys and baby sloths that we could hold and play with.  Even baby sloths are cute!  They also had examples of all the poisonous snakes in Costa Rica, which we did not hold and play with.

After a few days here we were off to our final destination in Costa Rica, the Pacuare Reserve.

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