Monday, March 29, 2010

Photos Of Quito, Ecuador

This woman shucked and sold corn down the street from our house.

Shopkeeper at shop down the street from our house.

Sometimes you just need a rest.



Dancers weaving ribbons on the flag pole.

Ecuadorian musicians.  They were great, but we did not catch the name of the group.

View of old town Quito.

Clock tower, Basilica del Voto National.  Note stairs.

Stained glass, Basilica del Voto National.

Palm Sunday service, Basilica del Voto National.

View of Basilica del Voto National.  Note position of clocks in tower.

Palm Sunday service, Church of San Francisco, oldest in Ecuador.

Worshipers leaving Palm Sunday service,Church of Santo Domingo.

View of Church of La Merced.

The cathedral and museum at Plaza Grande, old town Quito.

Typical street in old town Quito.  Fantastic architecture.

View of old town from our rooftop, white tower is Church of Santo Domingo.

Portal in our rooftop wall.

View from our rooftaop.

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