Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photos Of Banos, Ecuador

The devil's cauldron.  A loud and impressive waterfall.

This fellow dropped down from the trees.
Looked mad and dangerous!

A pretty lizard Zane caught on our walk.

More scenery from the route of the waterfalls.

On the route of the waterfalls.
Note cable car to right of taller waterfall.

BBQ Guinea Pig anyone?

Market day.  Tons of fruit, veggies, and interesting corn, beans, and grains.

Banos is also famous for taffee, and there were plenty of men pulling away.

Inside the basilica during Easter service.  For some
reason Good Friday is the big day here.

The local basilica.  Inside paintings depict
miracles by the virgin of the holy waters. (car wrecks, hotel fires, etc) 
Banos boasts soem great scenery.
Lucky for us the nearby volcano was quiet.

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