Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos Of Galapagos Islands: Animals

Sea turtle hatchling.

Sea Turtle on the way to the sea. Sadly its journey ended
in the beak of a frigate bird.
Galpagos Lava Lizard.

Sea Lion pup enjoying a quick meal.

Sea Lion pup, waiting for mom to come back with some milk.

Sandy Sea Lion. They took little notice of us.

This poor little pup was very hungry.

Evolution is apparently still happening in the Galapagos,
sometimes with strange results.

Land Iguana. Luckily for us they are vegetarians.

Land Iguana. More handsome than his marine cousin.

Marine Iguanas. They love to congregate in
large groups and spit out excess salt water.

Marine Iguana. Not handsome creatures.

We saw many sea turtles, both from the boat
and while snorkeling.

We were fortunate to see this and 4 other tortises
during a walk on Isabela Island.
They do a lot of eating.
An oldster giving me the eye.

Breakfast time at the tortise center.

Which came first, totise or egg?

A couple doing their part to maintain the species.

A shy tortise.

This little tortise is about 1 year old.

"Lonesome George" When he dies, his species dies.

Can I Bring it home?

Hanging out with a local.

Zane checks out a baby tortise.

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