Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photos of La Selva Lodge, Ecuador

Piranha for dinner! It was quite good, actually.

\Jungle frog.  Our guide had not seen this one before.
Transparent winged butterfly.
Flower of the wild cacao tree.
Very pretty and the fruit was good too.
With the incredible biodiversity in Ecuador there are
only two types of salamanders.  We were lucky to see this one.

Poison dart frog.  Locals rub their darts on the frog's back.
Poison is strong enough to kill monkeys in a few minutes.
Caiman lizard relaxing.

Tarantula.  We saw many on our night walk.

Parrots eating clay at a "clay lick" along the rivebank.
Zane tries his hand with the blow darts. 
Our local guide Boliver looks on.

Dart quiver.  Pirana teeth are used to score the darts
so they will break off and stay in the animal.
View from 45 meter high canopy tower.
Zane practicing his dugout paddling technique.
An opening in the jungle.  Under the canopy tends to
be very dark and difficult to photograph.
Enjoying a ride on the lake.

Lake view from La Selva Lodge.

Our river transport on the Rio Napo

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