Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photos of Desert Tour, Southwest Bolivia

Lunchtime fun with Llamas.
Uyuni Salt Flats, largest in the world and scenic too!

Salt harvest.  Simply scraped off the surface with hand tools.
Isla Incahuasi, center of Uyuni Salt Flats.  Supposely the tallest cactus in the world too.
Fun with perspective.
That's not plaster, but a hotel built of salt.  Yes, we did lick the walls.
Nice view from salt hotel.
Inca cemetary at village of San Juan.  Graves are at least 500 years old.
Desierto de Solili, view from hotel.
Arbol de Piedras, or Tree of Stone.

One of the many high saline lakes we passed.

Laguna Colorado, or Red Lake.  4300 meters high and steaming.
Fumaroles at nearly 5000 meters altitude.
Desierto de Dali.  As if painted by the master himself.

Desierto de Dali.
Laguna Verde.  Water green from naturally occurring toxic chemicals.  Supposedly does not freeze until -20C

Scenery near Laguna Blanca.

Vicuna (wild relative of the Llama) at Laguna Blanca.  Incredibly tough animals.
Laguna Blanca, ice and salt.

Fox at Bolivia - Chile border.  Our guide assured us he was Bolivian, and sure enough he never strayed onto the Chilean side.

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