Sunday, June 27, 2010


     Tahiti – last stop on our world tour. We spent 4 days here doing pretty much nothing. Seems that travel fatigue has finally caught up with us and we basically ran out the clock until our return home. Not that this was such a bad thing – the weather was warm, the beach was right across the street, and the supermarket was filled with tasty French food and amazingly fresh hunks of tuna.
     We did manage one trip in to the “big city” of Papeete, where we wandered around downtown, listened to the locals playing their ukuleles on the street corner, and visited the local market (Fresh fruits, more great looking fish, trinkets and some good lunch spots). Also the Orange Festival was on so I walked over there and was treated to a nice display of local dancing.
     We previously thought our Spanish was bad, but we revised that opinion when we realized here in a French speaking country we could count all the French we knew on the fingers of both hands. Luckily the locals were very friendly and helpful to us and we got by.
     Hard to believe we are at the end of our journey and tomorrow we trade the warm tropical breezes for the cold southerlies of New Zealand!


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