Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sucre, Bolivia

       Next stop, the city of Sucre, billed as “Bolivia's Most Beautiful City.” We would not argue with this description (Not that we have seen much of Bolivia, yet) The old town of the city features many whitewashed buildings with red tile roofs. We thought we had been transported back to Santa Barbara, California.
     Sucre also has a rich history. This was the site where Simon Bolivar declared independence from Spanish rule in 1809, and is the judicial capital of Bolivia to this day. Also, the city features approximately 100 historic churches.
     We spent a good deal of time walking about the city, enjoying the scenery and eating far too much. We enjoyed the "low" elevation of 2700 eters, and the relatively flat terrain.  We found the local market and enjoyed ogling the fruits, veggies, meats, and of course the potato room (this is still the Andes, after all).
     We were also treated to a couple of unique parades (although not nearly as exciting as the big parade we saw in La Paz). First was a religious procession in celebration of Santa Maria, featuring many very well dressed young people, a brass band, and even a banner for Radio Santa Maria FM 95.5. Another evening, we were enjoying dinner on the main plaza, when a candle-lit procession came by. We asked the waiter what was happening, he replied it was a protest against the government. We asked what they were protesting, and he merely shrugged his shoulders.

Next up, Potosi Bolivia.


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