Saturday, October 10, 2009

Etosha NP Namibia

Greetings all from Wimpy Burger in Tsumeb Namibia, where Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing on the radio. Strange world. Will post photos when we can, may be a couple of weeks.

Anyway, just emerged from 6 days at Etosha NP in northern Namibia. Saw so much wildlife we can hardly believe it. May never be able to go to a zoo again.

During the dry season here you simply go to a waterhole and the animals will come. Saw lions and Rhino most every day, and leopards on 2 days. One day we saw 52 elephants playing in the waterhole.

Last night we went for a night game drive (private vehicles only allowed during day) and saw mother & 2 cub leopards with a Springbok carcass up a tree about 10 feet from our truck.

Highlight of the trip was the day we were parked at a waterhole, no animals there. Saw a female lion approaching sw we stayed. She came to the waterhole and hopped into some reeds in the center. Wind was in her favor. Animals (Zebra, Springbok, Wildebeest) came to hole but were nervous. Suddenly she sprang out from the reeds. Animals scattered but she managed to bring down a wildebeest, held it by the throat until dead. Dragged it into the bushes and ate. Emerged with bright red face and walked off. Zane got nice little video af attack.

Very hot here, been spending most afternoons by the pool.

Nexy stop, Western Namibia - Bushmanland and Khaudum NP to camp with the animals - no fences to hide behind.



  1. Question about the earlier part of your trip: How is it different to pet the wild, but tamed, animals than petting our own feline buddies?

  2. Very large, rough coat, hard to believe they are really tame.