Sunday, October 18, 2009

Khaudum National Park

Khaudum National Park is located in eastern Namibia along the Botswana border. It is a very remote and wild place, where there are no fences and the animals are free to go where they like. We spent two days there and saw maybe 5 vehicles, one of which was owned by the park service.

Unlike Etosha National Park, the animals here are not used to having people around and are quite wary of them. We found that the animals stayed much farther away from us, except at night when they may come straight through the campsite. Also unlike Etosha, you are allowed to get out of your vehicle and be outside the camp before sunrise or after dark - if you dare.

Each day we saw a group of 2 to 3 dozen elephants come to a waterhole to drink. We also saw some Roan Antelope, which are relatively rare and very skittish, as well as some spotted hyenas. At night we heard large wild animals very near the tent - happy to be sleeping on top of the Land Rover!

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