Sunday, October 11, 2009

Etosha Photos

Leopard at night, had a Springbok carcass up in the tree.

It's a long way down for a drink, which makes the Giraffes nervous.

Ol' floppy-ear.

A fine-looking Elephant.
Quite a crowd at the waterhole.

Another waterhole gathering.

Follow the leader.

Lioness heading to hide in the reeds, awaiting the arrival of lunch.

Lioness springing out for the kill. (Photo by Nikki)

Being the queen of the jungle can be tiring.

These ladies did not seem concerned as we drove by.
This fellow enjoyed giving the water a good thrashing.


The elephants, big and small, preferred the clean water straight from the outflow

Young elephants play-fighting.
After bathing many of the elephants took a dust bath.

Bath time.
Zebras getting a morning drink.

This waterhole had a great variety of visitors.
Tallest and shortest, Giraffe and Springbok.


Zebra on the right thinks something is funny. 

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