Friday, October 2, 2009

Sesriem and Sossuvlei

Sesriem Canyon and Sossuvlei are located in Naimib-Naukluft National Park in SW Namibia.

After picking up our Land Rover in Windhoek (A true "welcome to Africa" experience that took 5 hours), we drove the 300K to Sesriem campsite, mostly on good gravel roads - very few sealed roads in Namibia. Here we learned to set up the roof tents, listened to the barking Geckos, and got our first taste of African wildlife when Springbok and Jackals visited our campsite.

Sesriem canyon is all about sand dunes - huge red ones. We set off leisurely the next morning at 8 AM to visit some in the howling wind. We drove about 40K into the park, spied a likely looking dune, and set out. We got up a fair distance before the howling wind and lack of fitness drove us back. We then proceeded about 20K to the end of the paved road for brunch, before returning back to the campsite to lounge by the pool in the heat of the afternoon. Along the way we spotted Secretary Birds, Ostriches, Springbok, and Oryx.

That evening in camp we were visited by a Jackal who tried to make off with one of our water jugs.

The next morning it was up early to get to Sossuvlei (5k 4WD past the end of the paved road) to see the sunrise. We were at the gate at 6AM when it opened, and drove straight there, where we were rewarded with a few Oryx, Springbok, Ostriches, and some really spectacular sand dune scenery. It was truly impressive.

After a leisurely breakfast at the picnic area, which we shared with the sparrows, we headed off to our next destination, up the coast at Swakopmund.

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