Friday, October 2, 2009

Slight Change Of Plans

First of all, we are all well and happy. Do not be alarmed by the photo below.

On the way from Sesriem to Swakopmund we had some trouble with the Land Rover. It did not drive well at all when the roof was on the road. After losing traction on the gravel road and swerving from edge to edge for what seemed like a few hours, over we went.

By that time we were not going very fast. The vehicle took all the damage, and we crawled out with very minor scratches and bruises. None of our personal gear, and very little of the rental gear, were damaged or lost. The vehicle, however, was a total wreck.

Luckily for us this happened 3km from the outpost of Solitaire. The people there were fantastic. They made sure we were OK, retrieved the vehicle and gear, gave us a room (wanted to make it free but we insisted on paying), let us use their phone for international calls, and were generally wonderful. If you are ever in Namibia please visit there, it is a lovely place.

We organized a ride to Windhoek, picked up another Land Rover, and are headed out to Etosha National Park tomorrow.

We enjoyed our interlude in Solitaire. It's good to be alive - just don't get caught.


  1. Spectacular photo but you needn't go to the effort next time - a flat tyre will do just as nicely. Glad you are all fine! xxxKiltedmoose

  2. Glad you are all OK. I don't think that was in the itinerary. Have fun on your next adventure, play safe, Hi to Zane and Nikki. We miss you!!

  3. Can't you come up with something better than that? Like:

    We were feeding a herd of wildebeasts out of the Range Rover when a violent rhinoceros charged us. Before we could get away, he battered the sides and tipped us over. But then two lions came and took him down while we escaped unscathed.

    Watch that gravel!